Thing 15b – Tag Team with Google Image Labeler

Recently I was reviewing my RSS feeds in Google Reader when I came across an interesting entry in Dean Shareski’s  “Ideas and thoughts” blog. The entry was entitled “Google Image Labeler“.

To appreciate this “tag team” process, readers are encouraged to visit the “Google Image Labeler” site where you, and a randomly selected, on-line partner will:

  • be shown a series of photos – one image at a time
  • provide as many tags as you can for each image
  • receive points whenever you and your partner match tags

When your time expires, you and your partner will be shown the images together with the tags that each contributor suggested and the points awarded.

Not only is this “game” addictive, you are helping Google with image search relevance. However, I’m wondering how this might be used in the classroom. Certainly it’s an opportunity to increase and refine vocabulary. I’m sure some creative elementary teachers could print up and laminate a series of paired “Creative Commons” pictures, distribute them throughout the class, have student teams record their respective “tags”, and award points for common entries. Sounds like this “tag team” idea might blossom into an interesting and engaging learning activity

Take care & keep smiling 🙂